The time-honoured traditions of Italy

Sheridan Lane

I am a mother. I work full time (and then occasionally). I commute an hour to and from work. I am a sister, an aunt and a daughter. I’m a gardener, cook (at least in my own kitchen) and wine lover. I entertain as much as I can and travel as much as possible. I also write a monthly article where I often share recipes with ways to “speed up” the process or “stack” my way to save time for the future. Let’s be honest; There are only so many hours in the day, right?

However, I have been fortunate enough to spend the last two weeks in the Marche region of Italy to be reminded of the importance of craftsmanship over time. Brian Tucker, director of culinary arts at Richland Community College, and I co-led groups from our two communities on a food, wine and culture tour organized by Centro Studi Italiani called Tasty Italia. We saw first-hand how meaningful it is to remain committed to a detailed tradition. We have seen the patience and sense of pride that come with the craftsmanship of products that are not themselves without the hallmark of time. From wheels of Parmesan and legs of prosciutto to homemade pasta, naturally produced wine and traditionally aged balsamic vinegar, our off-the-beaten-track tour was so rich in nuances of Italian heritage. What ancient traditions are we talking about?

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