Early retiree shares 13 ‘stupid simple’ money rules that helped him save $1 million : ‘I wasn’t born rich’ – CNBC | Eurica Project

Early retiree shares 13 'stupid simple' money rules that helped him save $1 million : 'I wasn't born rich' - CNBC

I will remember December 23, 2016 for the rest of my life. It was my last day at a full-time job. My wife and I took early retirement at ages 33 and 35, respectively, after accumulating $870,000 in information technology. With the help of the market, our net worth grew to $1 million shortly thereafter. … Read more


Polk County Commissioner Warren Strandell released another county line column today. It can be found below- Budgeting takes little work. While it doesn’t look like it’s time to start developing next year’s operating budget, that effort is already underway. At a recent county board meeting — one day six months before the start of the … Read more

Income-based student loan repayments were bad ‘from the start’: Arbeiter – Business Insider | Eurica Project

Income-based student loan repayments were bad 'from the start': Arbeiter - Business Insider

Income-based repayment plans were created in 2007 to provide borrowers with affordable monthly bills. But an employee at a student loan company who saw the program’s development said it was bad from the start. She described a difficult paperwork process and a growing interest that accompanies the plans. Loading Something is loading. The purpose of … Read more

Will the Federal Reserve wipe out the upswing in stock markets? – Market observation | Eurica Project

Will the Federal Reserve wipe out the upswing in stock markets?  - Market observation

A summer rebound raises hopes that the bear market in US stocks has bottomed, but a meeting of Federal Reserve policymakers next week could test the nerves of would-be bulls. “I expect we’ll continue to see market volatility until investors have seen more compelling evidence that this period of Fed hawking is behind us, and … Read more

Nasdaq Bear Market: 5 Amazing Growth Stocks You’ll Regret If You Didn’t Buy During the Crisis – The Motley Fool | Eurica Project

Bear Market Stocks Plunge Crash Invest Correction Getty

This was a year to be remembered in the wrong way by the investment community. They’ve been timeless since hitting their respective all-time closing highs between November and January Dow Jones industry averagebroad based S&P500and growth dependent Nasdaq Composite (^IXIC -1.87%), have lost up to 19%, 24% and 34% of their value. This firmly anchors … Read more

FP Responses: Should interest rates rise, should we consolidate our debt? – financial mail | Eurica Project

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Breadcrumb Trail Links FP replies Here are a few tips to reduce credit card debt Most credit cards have extremely high interest rates – often more than 20 percent – and it’s worth looking into alternatives to reduce those rates. Photo by Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg content of the article In an increasingly complex world, the Financial … Read more

Top Tips for Getting a Negative Credit Mortgage – Property Reporter | Eurica Project


Due to the current financial climate, mortgage lenders are beginning to tighten their criteria and become stricter when it comes to who they will and will not lend to, meaning that it is becoming increasingly difficult for those with negative credit scores to obtain a mortgage. However, new industry insights from Revolution Brokers show that … Read more