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Editor’s Pick Golden Dog Adventure Company is here for your four-legged friends when you can’t be home.

Dynamic walking with the dog
Dog walkers are a special breed. We’re attached to our canine friends, but a leash takes “attachment” to a whole new level, limiting the places you can pause. The influx of ‘pandemic puppies’ that got us through the Covid isolation is now putting more of us out of the house, but where to? Golden Dog Adventure Company, originally a professional dog walking company in Barrington, aims to meet the need for safer and more inclusive spaces for dogs (and their humans) to share experiences. Golden Dog currently offers members a delightful variety of resources, walks, social activities, and even a “sensory scavenger hunt,” and they plan to expand nationwide.

broadcast boutique
Emma & Co., affectionately known as Emma & Co., was founded in 2009 on Littleton’s Main Street Emma Csoffers many of the leading fashion brands at reasonable prices to fulfill its mission: “We believe that every woman should be able to buy designer brands that she loves, without the high-end price.” Some of the brands that carry them are Gucci, Prada, Versace, Burberry, Coach and J.Crew.

pallet 2

Editor’s Pick PALETTE

Edible Art
With almost 15 years of combined experience and countless hours spent getting to know their clients personally, PALETTE Co-founders Jen Desrosiers and Stef Heitz know that food has the potential to be the heartbeat of any occasion. When you open a PALETTE Grace box, you are greeted with beautiful, fresh and carefully selected fruit and vegetables, arranged in a work of art that tastes as good as it looks. Practical, portable, and available in a variety of sizes, the boxes are packed with dimensional, textured layers that make them a joy to explore.

Eye and nail artworks
Body art such as tattoos, hairstyles and piercings are increasingly being created to express different emotions, symbols and statements. at Elite nails in Manchester art is shown on their customers’ fingernails and eyelids. The store staff are very well trained in getting just about any design onto someone’s nails. They offer a wide variety of glitter mixes and other nail art supplies, and the glitters can be used with acrylic, UV hard gel, gel polish and regular nail polish. Facebook and Instagram

feel-good soap
at Plymouth Soap Works, luxury and affordability go hand in hand. The mission is to make low-cost, eco-friendly products that feel expensive. The idea is to make responsible purchasing (there is no plastic in the game) accessible to everyone in the community without sacrificing quality, hopefully doing their part to eliminate single-use plastics and further democratize the eco-friendly marketplace. Also, the soap is really nice! They make hand, hair, body, face, household soaps and more that are available individually in-store, online or through their surprise soap box subscriptions.

Tom 7 chickpeas 2 Rt

Editor’s Pick Tom & Chickpea

Fresh and fun furniture
Lori Morgan is a furniture painter, custom canvas designer and shop owner based in Derry Tom & Chickpea. Named for her love of chickpeas and her late husband Tom (whom she honors through her art), the shop houses her one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, boho-inspired, natural furniture. inspired flair. If you’re looking for a redesigned Victorian bar cabinet, a colorful jewelery cabinet or a custom painting to complete your living room, stop by to see Lori and her many beautiful items.

Old fashioned fun
As technology continues to proliferate in the form of cell phones, handheld devices, and virtual games, fun, family-oriented board games and puzzles are also experiencing a renaissance. redirects, with shops on Congress Street in Portsmouth and in Somersworth, has become a must for people who love this entertainment. Father-daughter duo Ted and Laura Keith were already on the trend back in 2012 when they opened the store with the aim of helping people put down their phones at least a little so they could engage in an old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle or game can reconnect .

Picnic on the coast 3

Editor’s Pick Seacoast Picnic Co.

Picture book picnics
Planning a birthday party and don’t know where to start? Looking for a Pinterest-worthy celebration of your dreams? Emily Huxtable from Seacoast Picnic Co. in Portsmouth has you covered. Their picnic packages are all about luxury and memories, and each can be done from home to the beach. Create your own perfect picnic experience with personal touches like handwritten notes, flowers or a boho tent and let Emily do the rest. The best part? She will set it up and take it down for you too.

Retro and antique furniture
If you’re in the market for a true antique, a welcoming rooster, a moose, a 12-foot face of Elvis, a cigar-shop Indian, or another piece of retro Americana, Déjà vu furniture and more Londonderry will probably have it – lots of it. Simply put, the store’s Facebook page sums it up perfectly: “We are hotel liquidators and we sell new and used furniture, antiques and lots of interesting and quirky pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.” Just visiting the déjà vu and the Exploring its diverse collection of merchandise will bring back memories for baby boomers and fascinate millennials.

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Antique or vintage shop
Antiques on Elm

automotive group
Grappone Automotive Group

barber shop
Homegrown Barber Co.

beer shop
Greg & Jane’s Beer & Wine

bike shop
S&W Sport

bike shop Cross-site
Trek bike
Nashua, Hooksett and Concord

Butcher’s shop
Tuckaway Tavern and Butcher Shop

Celebrations Special catering

comic book store
Double Midnight Comics

Farm yard
Lull farm

Ford Flower Co.

garden center
Wentworth Greenhouses & Garden Centre

Salon Bogar

home decor shop
Willow by B Designs

Independent bookstore
Gibson’s Bookstore

Independent bookstore Multilocation Local
Toadstool Bookstores
Nashua, Keene and Peterborough

Stand alone fitness center
collective studios

indoor cycling
Vibeco cycle

jewelry creations

children’s clothing store
PuddlejumpersKids Store

men’s clothing store
George’s clothes

animal pension
K9 Kaos

animal hairdresser
K9 Kaos

Pet Supply Store
woof meow

pet training
No monkey business dog training

Second-hand clothing store
M&C clothing and gifts

ski shop
Ken Jones ski market

Specialty store for groceries
Angela’s Pasta & Cheese Shop

toy store
The Noggin Factory

wine shop
WineNot boutique

women’s clothing store

yoga studio
Yoga of the humble warrior

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