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The Nederland Downtown Development Authority (NDDA) met on Wednesday 13 July 2022 at 18:00 to discuss which projects should be prioritized when allocating funds from its 2023 budget. The NDDA also held an election for the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

NDDA Executive Director Kate Masingale presented a discussion of increasing the NDDA’s board membership from nine to eleven members plus one alternate.

The issue of increasing board membership was raised as a proposal during its June 8 meeting when the NDDA reviewed candidates for its two vacancies. However, increasing the membership from nine to eleven board members would require an amendment to the NDDA’s charter.

The NDDA largely agreed that an increase in its membership was not necessary at this point, as it had no problems attending and its charter should not be changed unnecessarily.

City Manager Miranda Fisher led the NDDA in a discussion on funding repairs for the Nederland Pedestrian Bridge. No major maintenance has been carried out since the covered bridge was built in 1988. The bridge’s roof and overall structure have severely dried out and both entry points have suffered erosion over the years and require repair to address drainage and safety concerns.

The NDDA agreed that the bridge is an “iconic” piece of Netherlands and should be repaired for both safety and aesthetic reasons. Park manager Nicki Dunn suggested that the bridge should be evaluated by a structural engineer due to flooding that hit the bridge in 2013 and 2021. The NDDA proposed including $20,000 in its 2023 bridge repair budget, with an opportunity to seek Board of Trustees approval (BOT) to share the cost with the city.

The Performance Space Committee, chaired by NDDA Vice Chair Andrew Dewart and BOT Liaison Tania Corvalan, presented a discussion on seeking approval from the BOT for additional funding. The $8000 funding would allow JVA, the city’s technical advisors, to provide a site survey, topographic map and design plan to help the committee understand the boundaries and limitations of the site selected for construction to understand.

The chosen site for the construction of a performance space, consisting of a stage, seating and public toilets, is an unpaved lot north of the sewage treatment plant between Guercio Field and Barker Reservoir. The current map of the flood plains of Nederland shows that about two thirds of the proposed site is within the flood plains.

The NDDA agreed that a proper evaluation of the property should be completed before designs for the performance space are made. The NDDA will meet at its next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, March 10th.

Masingale discussed with the NDDA which projects in 2023 should be prioritized for the 2023 budget and how much money to allocate to those projects. Feedback from the NDDA is sought for a full budget report to be drafted and reviewed by the NDDA in August before submission to the BOT for approval in September.

The focus areas for the NDDA budget discussion were beautification, event support, Dutch Fire District Intergovernmental Agreement, public art, traffic and safety support, and wayfinding. The NDDA also added the covered bridge repair, performance space project and proposed River Walk project to the list of priorities for 2023.

The NDDA discussed allocating $30,000 from the 2023 budget to Beautification, $5,000 more than the 2022 budget. Beautification’s 2022 budget is right on track with 50% spent and the remainder for irrigation and salary is provided for the hired professional gardener.

Event Assistance and Traffic & Safety Assistance provide financial assistance to organizers who apply for assistance from the city. The NDDA discussed the allocation of $10,000 from the 2023 budget for event support and $30,000 for transportation and safety support.

NDDA Board Member and Chair of the Public Arts Committee, Danielle Crouse, proposed that the NDDA allocate $20,000 from the 2023 public arts budget. Crouse indicated that the committee will examine the creation of mosaics and potential 3D sculptures to be exhibited across Nederland in 2023. Crouse added that the $20,000 request doubles the public art budget for 2022 due to inflation and rising material costs.

In addition to the $8,000 additional budget requested by the Performance Space Committee to develop a land survey, Corvalan and Dewart also wanted $50,000 from the 2023 budget for the Performance Space project. The $50,000 is an estimated amount to cover all architectural, structural and engineering costs and to help get the project “shovel ready”.

The NDDA discussed the allocation of $20,000 from the 2023 budget to Wayfinding, the only 2022 budgeted project to carry over into 2023. As only $20,000 of their 2022 budget of $150,000 has been spent, and the next phase of the Wayfinding project involves the design and implementation of signage throughout Nederland, the Wayfinding Committee’s request of $20,000 for 2023 is intended to reduce their overall budget (after overtime) back to $150,000.

A paid parking rollout plan was raised as a potential project for the NDDA in 2023 with a request for an allocation of $100,000 from the 2023 budget. Most board members wanted more information on what a paid parking plan would include and a detailed breakdown of what the $100,000 would be spent on.

The NDDA will learn more about the proposed project and finalize its 2023 budget at its next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, August 10.

The bylaws of the NDDA provide that an election for the positions of President, Vice-President and Treasurer must be held in July each year; These positions are currently filled by Barbara Hardt, Andrew Dewart and Ron Mitchell, respectively.

With no other board member expressing interest in the positions, the NDDA voted to retain Hardt as chairman, Dewart as vice chairman, and Mitchell as treasurer.

NDDA Board Member and Chair of the Public Arts Committee Danielle Crouse presented artist Julia Williams’ proposed mural design to the NDDA. Showcasing the history of the Netherlands as a place of music, the mural will be placed on Poe Wall under the promenade between The Deli and Busey Brews.

Williams’ design commemorates the history of the famed Caribou Ranch recording studio by highlighting artists who recorded there such as Elton John, Stephen Stills and Joe Walsh. The NDDA liked the design but wanted a plaque to describe the artists and their connection to the Netherlands. The NDDA requested legal clarification regarding permission to use the artists’ likenesses before voting to approve the mural design.

The Nederland Downtown Development Authority meets every second Wednesday of the month. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 10 from 6 p.m. and will take place both online and in person at the Nederland Community Center. For more information, see: townofnederland.colorado.gov/government/boards-and-commissions/downtown-development-authority

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