Peter Dowdall: Why I love Delphiniums – and what lupins and hydrangeas can offer your garden

Such is the joy of gardening in Ireland that last week we may have been looking for plants that would tolerate excessive rain and wind and would grow in waterlogged soils, and next week we are looking for drought tolerant plants. I wonder if they will dare raise the issue of a hose pipe ban … Read more

How to create a low-maintenance garden

Do you long for that elusive “low maintenance” garden? Do you love weeding and trimming plants, or is it a chore you struggle to find time for? It may surprise you to learn that one way to reduce maintenance is to leave it to nature. I’m not talking about rewilding as many of us don’t … Read more

Nasturtiums may be unruly, but they bring joy and color to the garden

They’re a bit of an unruly guest – once they get comfortable, nasturtiums will spread everywhere, not even thinking of their neighbors, but they bring such joy, beauty, and other values ​​to the garden, I forgive them a lot. One of the easiest plants to grow, Nasturtium adds bright color with its orange, yellow and … Read more